SD Belissimo suitset

114,00 €

SD Design Belissimo suitset ovat elegantit ja klassiset, joiden muotoilussa on huomioitu hevosen anatomia. 
Leveä niskaremmi vähentää painetta. Anatomisen muotoilun ansiosta antaa tilaa korville ja niskaremmissä on tuplapehmusteet.

Suitsissa on SD Designin kaunein otsapanta, jossa on upeat 10mm Rivoli kivet. Otsapanta näyttää upealta jokaisella hevosella. Turpahihna kapenee kohti reunoja antaen tilaa kuolainrenkaalle ja hermoille. Turpahihnan pehmuste on myös ihanan pehmeä.

Belissimo bridle is such an elegant and classic looking bridle but also designed with the anatomi of your horse in mind.

It has our special designed neckstrap, which is shaped after the anatomi of your horse. It has a large contact surface just above the poll to reduze pressure. It has a cutback behind the ears, to allow full ear movement. This neckstrap has a double layer of padding, which reduces pressure substansially!

The Belissimo bridle has such an elegant browband. It has a row of 10mm Rivoli crystals which looks amazing on all horses. The noseband is more narrow in the ends to give good space for the bit and to avoid the surrounding nerves. The padding on the noseband is super soft!

Width of neckstrap:
Pony 5 cm
Cob 6 cm
Full 7 cm
Xfull 7 cm

No reins are included.

Leather care:
We recommend that you give the bridle oil/balm before you use it the first time. This will protect and maintain the leather on your new SD bridle❤

ECO-Friendly leather. This means that there has not been used any chemicals in the tanning process.


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