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Chucks kumisaappaat HV Polo


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Chucks kumisaappaat HV Polo

25,00 €   55,00 €


Outsole: 100% Rubber. Lining: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester.
There is barely anyone who has not heard of the cult sneakers that started out as basketball shoes and as a fashion statement made of canvas and rubber. They have been a permanent fixture of young fashion since the 70s! In this boot, we have combined the comfort of rubber boots and the laid-back design of the popular sneakers. These boots are embellished all-round with the HV Polo logo, and they feature the signature white tip. Shiny thread has been integrated into the contrasting shoe laces. The sole is profiled, ensuring that you will always keep steady on slippery surfaces. These slip-on shoes are water-repellent, robust, and very pleasant to wear. In addition to this, they are also easy to clean. Perfect for rainy weather and mud!


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